Have you ever rented a space and instantly felt right at home when you checked in? In contrast, have you ever rented a space and felt like you were walking into discount store with little attention to detail? I've traveled all over the world and stayed in some of the best and, sadly, the worst spaces before making Carbondale, Colorado my home in 2015. With that home came a small studio apartment that I have slowly made one of the most reviewed spaces on Airbnb. Over the years I have honed into what makes - and breaks - the top vacation rentals. From linens and coffee to views and amenities, I'll help make your space into a unique haven that will have people settling in and you worrying less financially. 


But why Cactus? Why not one of those other companies? I started this business to seek out unique properties that have something about them that makes them different. I love offering people a special, unsurpassed glance into why life in the Roaring Fork Valley is so unique and coveted. When a guest comes across one of my properties, they'll know they've stumbled on a gem. Whatever it is that gives you space that "je ne sais quoi", I hand-pick every home to make sure it fits into our curated selection of the Valley's top rentals. From Glenwood Springs to Aspen, we specialize in high-touch short term rentals that make guests feel right at home and not want to leave.


Do you have a dedicated additional dwelling unit (ADU) with a separate entrance, freestanding unit, or home you don't live in on a full-time basis? Does it have a beautiful setting or view, perfect proximity to restaurant and bars, river front access, or something else unique about it? Then yes! Give us a call or email us and we'd be happy to take a look and assess your property to see if it has potential to be a vacation rental. 

Let's hear it! 
Interested in renting one of our spaces or listing your home with us? Reach out! 

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